Good morning sunshines

Morning guys, Christmas is right around the corner and I’m so excited!  I love this time of year and even with all the snow and ice.  I have been doing a lot of shopping all month, courtesy of a few generous customers who love to spoil me.  One guy in particular, RC, not only loves to spoil me, he has no choice but to spoil me.  While he is thousands of miles away and cut off from the free world, I have his social life in the palm of my hands.  I already have access to all of his personal information, not just the info but photocopied pics of his passport, drivers license.  I also have access to email accounts, his credit card, his amazon account and a few other accounts.  I think it’s really sweet though that he enjoys spoiling me and giving me cash without me having to threaten or use any of his info against him.

I will be taking calls all this week before I leave again for winter break.  I have a new blackmailing cheerbitch PTV coming out this week and a fun new ptv game you can stroke to while I’m away for the holidays.  Here’s a sexy teaser email I sent out this morning with some pics and a seductive audio message to get you ready to call and stroke for me.

Seductive mixture of 8 perfect blonde Princess prick teasing, ball aching pictures and a sweet sexy audio message

I also a variety of fetish phone sex audio recordings that you can listen to 24/7 and some humiliating, fetish MP3s and audio series you can purchase and masturbate to when I’m away.

Sweet Princess Morgan