Small cock clips to laugh at with humiliating commentary!

Baby dicked sissy bitch jerie sent more photos & videos for me to critique and post in my loser lounge. When I saw some of his clips, I was grossed out, amused and entertained all at once. I added a new free clip of him in his sparkly blue panties to the loser lounge. Some of the other clips he sent were too good to post for free so I made them into pay mails. 

These clips of faggy jerie are funny to watch as is. They’re even more fun to watch because I recorded some humiliating audio for an instant replay with Sweet Princess cock commentary! So you get to watch a cucky cocksucker degrade himself for me and you get listen to how grossed out and disgusted I am by his skinny little boner.

Watch jerie shave his sissy sack and listen to my humiliating commentary

Watch jerie tinker with his caged clitty cock and listen to my humiliating commentary

Watch this small sized condom FAIL and listen to my humiliating commentary

I’ve got two more clips and some pics I’ll comment on later this week. 

Every faggy loser that calls me and reads my phone sex diary should send me their gross, embarrassing, humiliating pictures and videos. I’ll post some for the rest of the losers to laugh at and I’ll sell some, because I deserve to be paid over and over again just for looking at your puny, pale, pasty prickies! THIS is really the only dick I like to see for free!

Sweet Princess Morgan's Niteflirt Phone Sex Diary

Phone Sex Recordings

If I’m not around to take your call or you’re just to shy to talk, good news – I’ve got phone sex recordings! Call these and listen to them whenever you want they’re available 24/7 for your stroking pleasure. I’ve got a great variety of fetishes, fantasies and topics for you to choose from and I’ll be making more so check back for brand new recordings!

Hot Young Pussy Seduces Mr. Johnson from his wife

Listen as I seduce you away from your wife and family celebration on Father’s Day, making you sneak downstairs to the basement so that you can fuck me until your balls are drained.

1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 01698286
Coaching My Friend on Her 1st BLACK COCK – Part 1

My friend Stacie is nervous about her 1st date with a black guy. I know she’s gonna get fucked but she thinks she can resist his BIG BLACK DICK…
(two girl recording!)

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Coaching My Friend on Her 1st BLACK COCK – Part 2

Now that Stacie’s gotten fucked, she’s addicted to BIG BLACK COCK. Hear about her first time with Marcus! (two girl recording!)

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Dumping you (wimpy boyfriend) for Him (Real Man)

you just aren’t man enough for Me so we’re through! I’m dumping you for a REAL man, an ALPHA MALE. But…I do love the money you spend on Me & you love having Me as sexy blonde eye candy. So maybe we can work something out…

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Two Minute ‘man’ Humiliation from Princess Morgan

you wined Me, dined Me and promised Me a hot night of hardcore fucking. Then, because you’re so turned on by My perfect body you get scared fall short. That’s it LOSER?!

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loserboy can’t get laid & has to fuck FAKE PUSSY!

you are a loser, you can’t get laid and there’s only one hope of you ever getting pussy again. That’s fucking a FAKE pussy, so humiliate yourself for Princess Morgan with your new plastic girlfriend!

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Strap-On Princess teaches you to be a REAL slut!

This recording is brand new, it’s a strap on cocksucking recording. I’m wearing my big black strap on and you can hear it slapping against my hand as I train you to suck it. Once you’re a good little cocksucking gayboy for me, it’s time to go to the next level…cherry popping!

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Cherry poppin’ strap-on Princess…wanna play boy?

This recording is the continuation to my oral strap on recording. Now that you realize you’re my addicted gayboy, you can bend over, assume the position and get that cherry popped!

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Foot Worship boy rewarded with a Princes Foot Pussy Fuck!

you love licking My toes and feet and getting them all wet, but since you’ve been such a good lil footboy, Princess decides to reward you with some tight, slippery foot pussy!

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Foot Lovers – Pay for Princess Morgan’s Pedicures!

This is a quickie recording for all my boot lickers and toe suckers who love paying to keep my pretty feet PERFECT!

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Poor lil baby boner boy never gets to stick it in!

The title says it all, your cock is too small, too short and too limp to get a hot girl like me!

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loserboy pig, time to EMPTY that WALLET for ME!

Expensive wallet rape recording for all the cash pigs and atm boys out there. Spending it all on Princess Morgan makes loserboys feel special!

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I’m your girlfriends lil sister & I’m such a TEASE

This recording was inspired by one of my favorite big dicked phone fucks! It’s all about that young girl who’s been teasing you for so long that one stroke inside her tight wet pussy will have you spunking for days!

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Gross pervy loserboys humiliated for looking at Me!

Verbal humiliation at its finest for wierdos with low self esteem & for gross cocky bastards. A tongue lashing from Princess Morgan that will hurt your feelings.

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Stop staring & drooling fag, learn to Suck Cock – Lesson 1

Time to put those cocksucking lips to work fagboy! Your favorite jack off fantasy is having a dick in your mouth, now learn how to make it real!

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Stop staring & drooling fag, learn to Suck Cock – Lesson 2

You’ve got the basics down cocksucker, now I’ll teach you some extras to really make him cum glaze your face!

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